Parisian radio interview on living with acrophobia, the fear of heights.

We are constantly looking at the extremes of FEAR, through the lens of psychological thrillers and horror films. James Stewart in Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” is paralysed as he dangles from the roof of a high-rise building. This reaction seems fairly normal, given the circumstances. But what if your biggest challenge was just a metre from the ground? About 8 yrs ago Ian Richardson reached out to an online group for people suffering from Acrophobia. His entire life had been shadowed by disability, and, at the time, he didn’t know where else to go. In the film, Stewart climbs to the top of a church bell tower to conquer his fear. But regardless of how high you climb, this kind of exposure is often just a temporary fix. At 58, having tried almost everything, Ian finally has some answers.

Interviewee : Ian Richardson (pictured)
Montage & intro : Abi McNeil
Music : Thibault Renard
French subtitles :
First Broadcast : Radio Campus Paris 93.9 FM (Jan 28, 2018 @ 18h)

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